Billy Idol Wants You To Get Pumped Up About Shark Week 2015

It is April, which means it is almost May, which means it is almost summer, which means it is almost time for Shark Week. At least that’s what Discovery Channel and Billy Idol want you to think in the above teaser, which they released almost three full months ahead of the chomp-filled extravaganza.

Sayeth Discovery in the press release:

SHARK WEEK, television’s most anticipated week of shark filled television, kicks off this year on July 5 (through the 12th), earlier than ever before. In addition to SHARK WEEK in July, Discovery will also premiere all-new SHARK WEEK programming during a special weekend in August, turning 2015 into the ‘Summer of the Shark’. A summer long celebration of all things shark, this year’s SHARK WEEK will deliver more hours of all new, visually-stunning and informative shark-filled specials than ever before.

I was with them right up until the end, where they tried to slip in the word “informative.” As we discussed last year, Shark Week is kind of a load of hooey (scientific term), as shark researchers and experts have been lining up to blow holes in Discovery’s recent DOES MEGADEGADINOSHARK STILL EXIST? MAYBE! line of programming, with one even pointing out that the producers of Sharknado were more receptive to his input. But hey, Summer of Shark, I guess. Billy Idol seems excited about it. That’s gotta count for, uh, something?