Binge-Watching Guide, Part 2: Here’s How Long It Will Take You To Watch Even More Quality TV Shows

A few weeks back we posted a very helpful infographic that outlined exactly how long it would take you to binge-watch some notable shows if you started at Episode 1 and pounded straight through to the end. It was interesting, and useful, and none of you read it because Ryan put a physics-defying picture of Christina Hendricks at the top of the page. So maybe go back real quick and try to focus on the list, because now we have a follow-up that features Justified, Community, Friday Night Lights, True Blood, and The Wonder Years, among other shows. God bless the poor nerdy soul that sits down to watch over two full weeks of Doctor Who without sleep.

This list also provides a nice reminder that you should really get caught up on Justified, if you haven’t already. You can bang the whole thing out in one hillbilly-meth-binge weekend and be ready for the final season next year. You have no excuse. Except for maybe not wanting to do meth all weekend. Eh, ends justify the means, I say. Get it? Justify. Ah, screw you.

Source: PopChartLab