‘Black Mirror’ And ‘Mr. Robot’ Took Advantage Of The DDoS Attack For Some Snark

10.23.16 1 year ago


On Friday, a ton of major websites, including Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify either slowed down to excruciating speeds or shuddered to a complete halt in the US, causing us all to freak the hell out. On top of disrupting plans and forcing us all to focus on our work instead of the internet, this DDoS attack really was quite the cause for concern, with the mystery of the “internet killer” still shrouded in speculation.

However, this outage turned out to be a perfect marketing opportunity for Netflix’s new season of Black Mirror. While everyone was gripped in the realities of technological fear, Black Mirror swept in to prove why they still have the corner on existential dread. In the first episode of the new season, “Nosedive,” people gain certain privileges based on their social media stats. This joke? A five star experience, to be sure.

Everyone’s favorite hacker drama, Mr. Robot, wanted to get in on the joke at the expense of our cyber security, tweeting out what seemed like a challenge of the “is that the best you can do?” variety.

That being said, Andy Richter might have the best theory of all.

Who cares about Wikileaks. This is clearly a war of the streaming services.


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