Bob Odenkirk Can Make You A Perfect Cinnabon, Thanks To ‘Better Call Saul’

We already knew that Bob Odenkirk actually did work at a Cinnabon as part of his training regimen for the premiere episode of Better Call Saul, but as he told James Corden last night, that training was no fun and games. Not only did Odenkirk really have to make Cinnabons, but Cinnabon’s main headquarters actually sent out a representative to make sure he was doing it the right way because CINNABON IS SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS.

Claire Danes, who was also a guest, told a story about how she didn’t have Cinnabons when she was younger because she grew up in Manhattan, until a couple of summers that her family was vacationing in their country house in upstate New York when she finally got to eat Cinnabon. Cool story, Claire Danes.