Authorities Now Have A Clearer Picture Of How Bob Saget Likely Died

When news broke that Bob Saget had suddenly died in early January, investigators were quick to rule out drugs or alcohol as contributing factors. But it was another month until more details were made known. Earlier this month, it was revealed an autopsy had ruled that his death was the result of severe head trauma. One doctor said it was “something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet.”

Now, as per People, there’s a clearer picture of what may have happened to Saget on that fateful night. The actor, comedian, and filmmaker was doing a show in Orlando. Afterwards he went back to his hotel, where he seemed animated and excited, chatting with the staff. Between when he went to his hotel room and when he was found the next morning, lifeless in his bed, remains murky. But investigators have now pieced together semblance of what may have happened:

Authorities checked the marble end tables and counters in the bathroom, but found no traces of blood or hair. Now, they believe that Saget lost consciousness in the bathroom and fell backward onto the marble floor, striking his head.

Police believe that a groggy Saget regained consciousness and stumbled into bed, where he again lost consciousness and died. His time of death was estimated to be around 4:00 am, approximately 12 hours before his body was found.

It’s not known how Saget lost consciousness; that may remain a mystery. But now there’s more closure on what happened than there was before.

Saget’s death prompted widespread shock and mourning. Family, friends, and well-wishers offered tributes that stayed true to someone who was known as both a kindly patriarchal TV figure and a hilariously blue comic. It was his longtime Full House costar John Stamos who pointed out that, even after death, he managed to slip in “one last d*ck joke.”

(Via People)