Here’s A Preview Of ’60 Minutes’ Correspondent Bob Simon’s Last Report

This past Wednesday, veteran CBS reporter and 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon died in a car accident in Manhattan. While the circumstances surrounding Simon’s death are still under investigation, the vacancy he leaves in national and international journalism remains open, incapable of repair for the time being.

Simon was working until the very end, and the final fruits of his labor will air on 60 Minutes on Sunday. According to CBS News:

Bob Simon finished the 60 Minutes report “ZMapp,” on the development of a promising drug to combat Ebola, the day he died. It will air this Sunday, Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. ET/PT. His daughter, Tanya Simon, is the producer.

The above clip provides a brief glimpse of the report, as well as a master class in television reporting.

(Via CBS News)