That Boy Ain’t Right, But We Love Him Anyway: 9 Unforgettable Bobby Hill Moments

For 13 seasons, we were amused by the antics of Bobby Hill, the only child of Hank and Peggy on King of the Hill. An aspiring prop comic and a foodie of the highest order, Bobby was the perfect counterweight to his stodgy, conservative father. These nine moments show him at his absolute best.

1. He didn’t quite understand how the wind works:

2. His first attempt at stand-up didn’t go over too well:

3. He got a little too addicted to all those fattening deli foods:

4. The Halloween prank he lived to regret:

5. His brave — if a bit misguided — stand against Thanksgiving:

6. He experienced a pain we all know too well:

7. Sex ed class left him with a serious concern:

8. He’s got you there, Hank:

9. Finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for: