Boyd Crowder and Joffrey Discuss Why They’re So Evil

06.01.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

If you’re like me, you spend 79% of your day thinking about “Game of Thrones” and “Justified.” And of that 79%, 67% is focused on Joffrey hate and Boyd Crowder’s marvelous hair. I regret nothing. Luckily, GQ is about eight steps ahead of me, and they devoted an entire section of their website to “Bad Guys,” including interviews with Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) and Walton Goggins (Boyd). The two most telling quotes are:

GQ: Was there a physical detail that helped you get into Boyd Crowder’s head?

Goggins: The buttoning of the top button of his shirt. Once I did that, it was like, “I got this guy.”

GQ: Have you ever rooted for a villain?

Gleeson: There’s a scene in Psycho, when Norman Bates has just killed Marion and put her in the trunk of a car and he’s pushing the car into a lagoon. The scene is so tense and you see his face and he’s like, “Oh, please. Can this car just go under…” And you’re like, “Yeah, I hope so too, man, and I hope the cops don’t come…” But, wait a second, he just killed this girl for no reason! I was rooting for a murderer.

Where Goggins is methodical and intelligent, not unlike Boyd, who believes there’s no detail to small, Gleeson is all about YAY RUTHLESS KILLING. Because he’s Joffrey and he’s pure evil and I hope terrible, awful, no good, rotten things happen to him during Sunday’s finale. The fact that he looks like a damaged cyborg whose only objective is to kill and overly comb his hair in the picture above ain’t helping, either.

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