Bran Stark Got Walloped With The Puberty Stick (Plus 5 New 'Game Of Thrones' Images)

The above image, via Reddit (click to enlarge), is of Bran Stark in season one versus Bran Stark in season three, which just shows you how much those kids have aged since Game of Thrones began, and what kind of continuity issues the series may face. Also, puberty is a bitch. This is why, of course, that in addition to the other differences between the books and the series, David Benioff will also have to add an extra year to the show’s continuity timeline. I’m not sure how old Bran is supposed to by Book 6, but at the rate the show is going — two seasons per book — Bran may be in his 30s by the time the series is finished. If he gets much bigger, no one’s going to be able to Hodor him. Plus, what’s Benioff gonna do when he has to work around Maisie Williams’s pregnancy?

Also, you must check out this guy’s arm cast (also, via Reddit), which is not only seriously bad ass, but must have been a bitch to paint with one arm. Props to you, sir! You win most devoted fan.

In addition, there’s a few new images, via Collider, from season three of Cersei, Jon Snow, Osha, and the Little Sh*t.