A Premature List Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters Who Must Appear In The Saul Goodman Spin-Off

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04.10.13 17 Comments

As Dustin announced yesterday, the Breaking Bad spin-off that could never ever be named anything other than Better Call Saul is still something that could maybe happen if we all wish really really hard and Vince Gilligan wakes up one morning thinking it’s a good idea. So yeah, slam dunk sure thing.

With that in mind I want to go ahead and get some specifics out there to avoid early muck-ups. For instance, in addition to Saul, we’re going to need a few familiar faces to keep the Breaking Bad universe intact and give us all the warm fuzzies. In other words, don’t Joey this thing, AMC.

The following five characters absolutely HAVE to make appearances in some form or another throughout the series. This is non-negotiable. At what scale is, but I’d make them all regulars, along with cameos by the guy who starts laser tag franchises (as portrayed by Jon Hamm).

More scenes like this and the possibility of riverdancing breaking out at any moment? Badger is a no-brainer.


OK, so Badger and Skinny Pete are pretty much a Lenny & Squiggy packaged deal, but the man knows how to announce himself even if he’s not so great at the spelling. Just think of all the wacky side adventures these two could get into in b-plots. Practically writes itself.


What good is a sleazy lawyer without his C-actor of a henchman? Not much good at all. Man, this show might require a laugh track.

With Jim Beaver’s run on Justified seemingly at an end the Breaking Bad powers that be need to lock him down LIKE YESTERDAY. I don’t anticipate the demand for arms dwindling in Saul’s universe.

I could honestly stomach the others not making the cut for Saul’s spin-off, but would be seriously conflicted if Huell wasn’t there. His involvement absolutely makes or breaks the green light for me.

Who would lift ricin with fingers like hot dogs?

And who would whip up Eggs Tyrone for Saul every morning?

Yep, Huell is the deal-breaker.

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