‘Breaking Bad’ Statues Of Walt And Jesse Will Soon Stare Down Albuquerque In All Their Bronzed Glory

For decades, millions of visitors have flocked to the statue of Rocky Balboa and his gloves on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There’s been plenty of posing with both arms raised and shouts of “Adrian!” and so on. Now, another iconic duo is receiving the same local type of tribute. That’d be Breaking Bad‘s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, and although having a couple of meth kings represent once’s locality isn’t exactly the best look, it’s still the pop-culture look that Albuquerque, New Mexico cannot help but embrace. Yep, there are twin statues coming, so get ready to visit them and tell Jesse that he’s the “b*tch.”

The timing can’t be coincidental, given that Better Call Saul has returned for the midseason premiere of its final season, all while the show’s about to collide with the Breaking Bad timeline. Yep, Walt and Jesse are onboard for a return, and Vince Gilligan issued a statement to thank the city of Albuquerque for cementing Walt and Jesse for the world to enjoy:

“Over the course of fifteen years, two TV shows and one movie, Albuquerque has been wonderful to us. I wanted to return the favor and give something back. These larger-than-life bronzes of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman exist thanks to the generosity of Sony Pictures Television and the artistry of sculptor Trevor Grove, and I love them. It makes me happy to picture them gracing The Duke City for decades to come, attracting busloads of tourists.”

Don’t expect to be able to sneak up on these statues like you kind-of can with Rocky. Walt and Jesse will be located inside of the Albuquerque Convention Center, and the big reveal will happen on July 29. I’m crossing my fingers of a panic-Cranston face, or maybe a replica of a scene from “The Fly.” Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out!

(Via IGN)