Brian Williams Slow Jammed The News With Fallon And The Roots, Then Stuck Around To Talk GIFs

Sure, Jimmy Fallon slow-jamming the news with the acting President of the United States is a difficult thing to top — and I’m certainly not saying this does — but there’s just something about everyone’s favorite news anchor taking part in an equal parts harmonized and sexualized explanation of what’s going on with the fiscal cliff that feels perfect. Bottom line: this version has more “soft Boehner” jokes.

So I don’t give any more away I suggest you just press play below in order to finally get your head around the debt ceiling debate via wordplay, innuendo, and Salt-N-Pepa usage.

I need a cigarette and Allison Williams’s phone number, stat. Here’s first interview clip, which opens with a classic “Brilly Willy” burn.

And here BW explains what “Zero Dark Thirty” means in between improv-ing amazing email handles and griping about Homeland Season 2.

And yes, that was a dissection of Inauguration GIFs at the 4:15 mark. Seriously, Brian Williams: 2016. Allison and I will be screen-printing the shirts at her place if you need me.

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