Oh, So There Are Still Some Steamy ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Scenes That Viewers Didn’t Get To See?

Bridgerton still managed to maintain momentum with a Duke-less season, and overall, the story (bolstered by an on-point soundtrack) still managed to put a dagger to the Regency Era while batting around some of its conventions that arguably persist today. Even with a lesser amount of steam, the series still broke viewing records for Netflix, even though, sure, a contingent of fans could have done with more sex scenes.

It is saying something that Anthony Bridgerton managed to court one woman and marry another and still ended up being more randy in the first season. And if one looks at his eventual marriage to Kate, the season ended at a point where we didn’t see much of Kate and Anthony’s newlywed life. This deprives viewers of what John Oliver described as the “jizzing in blankets” phenomenon, which is super sad. But I mean, maybe you can visualize that happening by looking at Season 2 moments and squinting really hard?

Bridgerton Season 2

Well, maybe not. Yet according to the show’s intimacy coordinator, Lizzy Talbot, it sure sounds like more sex scenes were filmed and ended up on the cutting room floor. Here’s what Talbot told Glamour:

We always do more than we need to so there are many options in the edit. I think that that’s a really important thing. I know people have been frustrated that there haven’t been more [sex scenes], but part of it is that we want to give our absolute best. There are loads of scenes that don’t make the final edit–that’s just the world of film. What we are really confident in is that the sex scenes that are in, we’re really proud of.

For more insight on all of this, the full Glamour piece is worth reading, including Talbot’s weigh-in on eye contact during a pivotal sex scene. Yet the bottom line from Talbot is that Bridgerton producers are looking for these scenes to help propel the narrative, and those scenes that don’t do so (no matter the context) simply don’t make the cut. However, I am sure that Bridgerton fans would not mind watching any of these cut scenes in a standalone fashion, should Netflix choose to push out some sort of blooper-esque reel.

God save the blankets!

(Via Glamour)