Despite Being A Touch Less Steamy, ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Still Broke Netflix Records In Its First Weekend

Last weekend, Bridgerton, everyone’s favorite diversely cast Netflix bodice ripper, returned. Though it wasn’t quite as sexed up as Season 1 — and though it, of course, had to change characters, losing break-out star Regé-Jean Page — it still got people talking. And it got a lot of people watching, too, at least according to Netflix.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, in its first three days, the show’s second season Hoovered up 193 million hours of viewing time worldwide, the highest of any English-language Netflix series ever. It was only the second highest opening weekend overall, coming behind only Money Heist (aka La Casa de Papel), the Spanish crime drama that began in 2017 and whose most recent season nabbed 201.9 million hours last fall.

Here’s where we remind you that Netflix is the only one making these claims. They refuse to make their stats public, not allowing other, independent groups to verify their data. The same day they claimed Bridgerton had record-breaking numbers, they also asserted that Ryan Reynolds was effectively their biggest movie star, appearing in three of the 10 most-watched original films in the streamer’s history.

Anyway, hooray for Bridgerton, whose latest batch of episodes comes right as Netflix is threatening to crack down on code-sharing, which may or may not be happening as much as people may assume.

(Via THR)