Bruce Willis Previews His *Special Guest Appearance* On ‘Under The Dome’ On ‘Letterman’

07.16.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Bruce Willis is always pretty entertaining when he’s on Letterman, and last night was no different. He had this bizarre new medicine gag called CeleBruce or whatever that sort of fell flat, but he also had a really random “guest appearance” on Under The Dome that was pretty damn funny.

I’ve yet to catch the show yet, but I generally understand the gist — that it’s about a town with a dome over it — and Willis hit the comedic timing pretty well here. And I actually thought he was really getting a guest appearance on the show because of his allergic reaction to saying “no” whenever a script slides through his doggy door. Besides all of this TV talk is the fact that RED 2 is coming out soon and my soul is ready for the movie to take me to a far away place of glee.

And for extra measure, here’s Willis making his entrance on a Citi Bike

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