Important Television News: Hitler Is The Pope Now

In a move that can either be interpreted as an actor breaking the shackles of typecasting in dramatic fashion or evidence that someone at Showtime is, like, hilarious, Bruno Ganz — best known for playing Hitler in Downfall and all those “Hitler Reacts to…” videos your friends from high school keep sending you — has been cast alongside Kyle Chandler in the new Showtime series, The Vatican. As the Pope.

Just days after the Vatican named Jorge Mario Bergoglio its new pope, Downfall actor Bruno Ganz has been cast as Pope Sixtus VI in the cable network’s drama pilot, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. […]

Ganz’s Pope Sixtus VI is of German ancestry and described as unassuming and an introspective caretaker of the Church who struggles with his own legacy and how history will judge his papacy. [THR]

To recap: Hitler is the Pope. That is an accurate sentence now. You can walk up to people on the street and shout it at them, and when they get all offended you can just pull this up on your phone and they’ll have to admit you’re right. Sure, they’ll still think you’re a total weirdo creep who accosts pedestrians and yells blasphemous, misleading statements at them to make the stupidest point ever. But you won’t be wrong.