The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Likely Guaranteed That Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Won’t Be On ‘Better Call Saul’

The closer Better Call Saul gets to the Breaking Bad timeline, the likelier it is that Walter White and/or Jesse Pinkman could appear in a background scene or maybe interact with Hank Schrader, who made his BCS debut in season five. Not that we need a cameo, mind you. Better Call Saul is doing perfectly fine without the Breaking Bad leads; to introduce them in the show’s final season would be putting a hat on a Heisenberg hat.

They were also already in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, and as co-creator Peter Gould told Collider, that (probably) means we’ve seen the last of Walter and Jesse.

“I like to think that we don’t have as much of an obligation to have Walt and Jesse back in Better Call Saul because they’re such a great appearance in El Camino,” he said. “But having said that, I would love to have them back. I’d love to have Bryan direct an episode. I got to write an episode [of Breaking Bad] that Bryan directed and I was on set with him every day, and it was a wonderful experience… And Aaron Paul is possibly the happiest human being I’ve ever met, and he makes everybody around him happy. So yeah, I would love to have them back.” Gould’s comments make it sound like, of the two actors, Paul is more likely to reprise his role, while if Cranston was to return, it would be in a behind-the-scenes capacity. That’s fine. It means more screen time for Lalo.

The final season of Better Call Saul is expected to air next year.