Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Are Back In Business In This Outstanding Emmy Promo

In a video so wonderful that it should be considered for an Emmy of its own, Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are back together as the gentlemen running Barely Legal Pawn in this brilliant new Emmy Awards preview. Julia Louis-Dreyfus stops by the shop to pawn one of her Emmy statues, because we should believe that one of the wealthiest women in show business needs extra cash so badly that she’d ditch her Seinfeld gold, but a video this good doesn’t need to make sense. The only problem with this is that after watching it three times, I’m now depressed that Barely Legal Pawn isn’t a real series.

How many people would tune in each week to watch Cranston and Paul as a pair of white trash perverts harassing their customers, who are all celebrities playing themselves, while they cover for their adorably illegal backroom activities? I would. Danger and Josh probably would, too. That’s three right there, so that’s a good start.