Bryan Cranston Is Now One Step Closer To An EGOT

06.09.14 19 Comments

Bryan Cranston won a Tony Award last night for his portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way. That’s pretty cool. He also spoke to reporters afterward and compared the rush of acting for a live audience to the high from blue crystal meth. That was pretty cool, too, I guess. Here, look.

“It’s the one that truly influences your performance night after night,” Cranston said. “When you can feel an audience and affect emotional change in them – it’s like a drug and you have to get it. It’s as strong as blue crystal meth,” he said, joking about the signature drug his character concocted on “Breaking Bad.” [LA Times]

But the real story here is that Bryan Cranston is now halfway to an EGOT. We have to get Bryan Cranston an EGOT. I don’t care how we do it. Maybe he can do an album with Adele. The Grammys love Adele. Or maybe we can institute some sort of trade-in policy, where he can buy one Oscar with two of his three Emmys, like how you can swap out three smaller stuffed animals for the one giant giraffe at the carnival to impress your sweetie. Or something. I don’t know. Let’s not get bogged down in the Hows right now. The important thing is that Walter White is only two trophies away from joining showbiz luminaries like Mel Brooks and Whoopi Goldberg* as EGOT winners, and one away from joining the people on this list. Let’s make this happen.

*It will never not be weird that Whoopi has an EGOT

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