Here’s Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad In An ’80s Atari Ad

Before Bryan Cranston was breaking bad, he was in numerous ’80s commercials to assist people with problems as varied as finding the right suit to dealing with raging hemorrhoids. One ad we missed was the video below. Here’s Bryan Cranston in 1982 at age 26 in a rocking ad for MegaForce on the Atari 2600, based on the movie by the same name starring Barry Bostwick and directed by stuntman Hal Needham.

The film was referenced several times in Team America: World Police, and some of those references are shown in this commercial. Jumping dirtbikes over tanks, and those tanks are also exploding? RADICAL.

We don’t know much about MegaForce the game (it looks like any other forgettable early-80s Atari game), but the film had two awesome sluglines: “There has never been a superhero like ACE HUNTER!” and “Deeds not words”. Might we suggest another slugline: I am the danger. Far more intimidating.

Check out the commercial below. Bryan Cranston is barely visible in it. Our best look comes at the three-second mark.

Dude already looked like a middle-aged chemistry teacher, even at age 26. We should have seen this coming.

Buy this game. It’ll DESTROY your house. Oh, ’80s commercials. Is there any terrible outcome you won’t tout as a selling point?

(H/T: Kotaku)