Watch: Bryan Cranston Is The New Pusher Man For Apple’s iPad Air

What is the absolute best way to ensure that a commercial for a new product is picked up and posted by scores of pop-culture blogs to achieve maximum exposure among the 18-49 demographic without having to expend extra capital for television ad buys? Uh, probably having Kate Upton roll around in the sheets with the new product. But, failing that, the best thing you could probably do is get Bryan Cranston to be your pitchman. Apple’s new iPad Air spot featuring the voice of Cranston was unveiled yesterday, and a quick Google news search already shows a couple of thousand posts, meaning that by the end of the day, this ad will have reached full Internet saturation, and Apple gets all that exposure for free. That’s why Apple wins at everything.

Is the ad even good? SHUT YOUR MOUTH. That’s not even important. BRYAN CRANSTON’S voice is in it, which is as close as we can get to Breaking Bad right now. But yes: It’s clever. My only issue with it is that it doesn’t really explain what is so special about the iPad Air that I should replace my existing iPad, other than the fact that iPad Air is thinner. But, as you can see from this spot, the iPad Air is really, really thin. That of course is SUPER IMPORTANT if you need to, say, slide your iPad under a door.