Carl Reiner And Conan Have Created The #Selfishie And They Want You To Create More

I’m perfectly fine with 92-year-old Carl Reiner claming ownership of the term #selfishie, I’m even fine with he and Conan writing a book on the subject and publishing it. It’ll be like Post Secret, but with shameless pictures and no emo declarations.

That said, I don’t really think the selfishie is a new thing. My friends and family have been doing selfishies with me for years, shoving me to the back or to the side so they can fit all of their ego into one image. It’s sorta like Conan in his selfishie, but there are no smiles and the air smells of minty Skoal.

My other problem is that shelfishie sounds too much like a Jewish dish. I can’t get worked up expecting food and then find only severe disappointment when the time comes. I can’t eat a photograph.

(Via Team Coco)