Casa Bonita Fans Have Not Lost Their Enthusiasm, Even In The Face Of The ‘South Park’ Creators’ ‘Nightmare’ Construction Woes

Everyone wants another taste of those famous Casa Bonita sopapillas.

That’s the ongoing vibe from fans who are clamoring in the wake of last year’s news from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who decided to resurrect one of the eatertainment venue’s locations in the Denver, Colorado area. They even declared that they’d do so with good food (from a chef and everything), which means that it wouldn’t actually be like the O.G. Casa Bonita but maybe like another company packaged inside of a waterfall-adorned, gaudy pink castle?

In a display of devotion, Parker even bought a house close to the soon-to-be-resurrected Casa Bonita (on South Park avenue), but construction is proving to be a challenge. The restaurant’s beloved fountain had to be demolished in the interest of safety, and Parker and Stone realized that they were living a bit of a “nightmare” in that a childhood-sourcing dream was proving to be a major stressor. The pair told The Denver Post how their dream of doing something “cool” with the iconic location turned into putting “all our money” into something that they “hope” will create many more wonderful memories.

Parker added that “[w]e absolutely should bail and stop spending money, but we’re committed now.” And as it turns out, the location’s Instagram page surfaced last fall with an “under new management” post, and that’s where fans are now congregating to communicate their impatience.

Now, every time the account posts, whether it has to do with snow or a charity event people are piling on the interrogations. Here’s a mere sampling of comments:

“Ok, great, is Casa Bonita ever going to re-open?????”

“When is opening day!! I need some Casa Bonita!”

“When can I make reservations??”

“Are you open now?”

“GOOD LORD! Open already!”

“I’m so excited, I’ll be there the second it re-opens.”

“People are so impatient and expect casa Bonita to improve from before holy sh*t.”

There’s no projected opening date as of yet, but rest assured that Parker and Stone are as ready to communicate progress as people are to hear about it. Because even though the food of the original restaurant chain sucked, those sopapillas ruled.

(Via The Denver Post)