Cast Photos From FX’s O.J. Simpson Miniseries, Ranked From Least To Most Hilarious

05.22.15 51 Comments

Back in October, FX ordered a 10-episode miniseries about the O.J. Simpson trial from Glee and American Horror Story producer Ryan Murphy. Titled The People v. O.J. Simpson, the miniseries premieres in 2016 and will be the first of a true crime anthology titled American Crime Story.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The project will a look at the O.J. Simpson trial told from the perspective of the lawyers, and is poised to explore the chaotic behind-the-scenes dealings and maneuvering on both sides of the court. More significantly, it will display how a combination of prosecution confidence, defense wiliness and the LAPD’s history with the city’s African-American community gave a jury what it needed: reasonable doubt.

Yes, fine. This is all great and wonderful. I am sure Ryan Murphy will handle the O.J. Simpson trial with the subtlety and grace he is known for. But now — NOW — we need to talk about the official cast photos that were released yesterday. And by “talk about,” I mean “rank from least to most hilarious.”

Away we go.

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