Cat Interrupts Univision Weather Report, Shows Ass To Unflappable Weatherman

According to the fine folks at Univision, the areas around the studios they broadcast from in Florida are overrun by cats. (Sounds like a magical place, no?) And sometimes the cats will sneak their way into a studio.

There are several cats that have turned the Univision parking lot into their home and sometimes they make it into the studio. This cat just walked right through the weatherman’s report.

We are all the better for it. This cat is so YOLO it hurts.

With that said, props to the weatherman in this clip for being downright unflappable, even when the cat appears to be doing nothing but showing him its ass. This man is obviously a professional. We look forward to him providing us with some saucy Latino weather dong to LOL at in the future.

(Via GIFHound)