CBS Will Finally Answer ‘How I Met Your Father’ With A ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff

Kids, back in the year 2013, the TV show that I was doing voice over work for, How I Met Your Mother, was a major success for CBS. But after nine seasons, it was time for us to say goodbye and only live on in syndication, where we’ll be bang, bang, bangity, banging alongside Seinfeld and Scrubs repeats until the end of time.

CBS needed a Monday night hit, though, so instead of giving another show to Chuck Lorre, they did the next best thing: a How I Met Your Mother spinoff called How I Met Your Father. The thing is, kids, I’m…not the father.

Referred to as How I Met Your Father, the spinoff hails from HIMYM creators/executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Up All Night creator/exec producer Emily Spivey. It would feature a new group of New York friends and chronicle a female member of the group’s quest to meet her future husband. I hear the new characters could be introduced in the HIMYM series finale, and Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin’s favorite hangout, MacLaren’s Pub, may be featured on the new show. (Via)

Things happen for a reason. And now, when I look back on those nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and seventeen more of How I Met Your Father — can you believe the father turned out to be Barry White’s ghost? — I remember one piece of advice more than anything else. But we’ll get to that…on How I Met Your Second Aunt.

(Via Deadline)