CBS Greenlights Pilot From Louis C.K.

01.30.12 35 Comments

In news many on the Internet are calling “OMGZOMG YOU GUYS EPIC LOL,” CBS has ordered a pilot from Louis C.K. and former “Seinfeld” and “Space Ghost” writer Spike Ferensten. Deadline has the details:

CBS’s has greenlighted to pilot an untitled multi-camera comedy written by Louis CK and Spike Feresten, about an ensemble of young people trying to achieve their creative dreams in these tough financial times. The pickup caps a remarkable comeback for the project 13 years ago after it was first written. At the time, Louie was a standup comedian and Feresten was a writer on Seinfeld.

CBS gets a lot of crap for their formulaic, laugh track heavy “Hey look some schlub married a pretty lady and/or let’s just list some stereotypes for a while” half-hour comedies, but given what we know about Louis C.K., I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume this show will escape that mold. Between his deal with FX granting him full control over “Louie,” and his middle-man free distribution model for his latest stand-up special, he’s clearly someone who values autonomy and a quality product more than he does just cashing checks. I fully support the proliferation of entertainment created by him, regardless of the network it airs on. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt in that regard.

With that in mind, if CBS screws this up, I will scream.

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