Charlie Sheen Called Selma Blair The C-Word, Fired Her From 'Anger Management'

How many times do we have to go through this with Charlie Sheen before someone, ANYONE, decides to look beyond their checkbook, stand up to Charlie Sheen, and take a goddamn stand for decency and integrity?. Here’s a guy that made me feel sorry for Farrah Abraham, and I don’t even know who Farrah Abraham is. Also, apparently the twerpy little miscreant has lost his touch when it comes to insult hurling. After calling Abraham a “desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua,” Sheen has resorted to using the Donald Trump of Charlie Sheen words, the C-word, as in the word that precedes “punt.”

Charlie Sheen used the word in a text no less, in firing Selma Blair, who somehow managed to work with Sheen for roughly 50 of the 100 guaranteed episodes FX ordered of Anger Management. From what we understand from Deadline, Sheen has been Sheen, of late, showing up for work hours late and making everyone wait around for him on a set that I’m sure is already difficult to work on since they’re making 50 EPISODES A YEAR. Selma Blair finally had it, called Sheen on it, and Charlie went off on her like a fat guy at a Wendy’s drive thru after his order was messed up.

So, Selma Blair — the co-star of the show — is out, and now they’re trying to fill the space, though the therapist role that Blair had will not be recast. They’ll just get a new actress desperate enough for the money and relevancy to work on Anger Management until Sheen drives her away, or until somebody finally figures out that no amount of money is worth the hassle of working with comedy’s bottom feeder. That said, they’d be wise to grab Lindsay Lohan — who already has a guest appearance on the show under her belt — if only because she has a similar work habit, and the combination of tardiness may halt production on the show once and for all. After all, I’m sure that Lionsgate and FX are looking for any excuse at all to get out of the deal, since the show debuted with 5.7 million viewers, and has fallen to 600,000 viewers.

(Source: Deadline)