Charlie Sheen Is Open To Coming Back For The Finale Of ‘Two And A Half Men’

05.23.14 5 years ago 3 Comments

Two and a Half Men
has been cancelled after next season, as you’ve no doubt already heard. We didn’t even bother covering it because the news was such a sad fart — but it makes sense being that one and a half out of the two and a half men have gone insane and have either gotten mercilessly fired or went AWOL on their own accord, and now it’s basically just “One Man and Ashton Kutcher.”

So, the dirtbags at TMZ caught up with Charlie Sheen and his fiancee last night, and of course asked him what he though of the cancellation and whether or not he’d be open to returning for the finale — despite the fact that his character was killed off of the series.

As Charlie left Giorgi Baldi (scene of the RiRi diss) last night … he talked about ‘Men’ coming to and end, and even took the high road when asked about Ashton Kutcher.

But Charlie says the upcoming final season would be incomplete without a Warlock sighting … and it’s pretty clear he’s not joking.

If you watch the video footage, what Sheen actually says is just like, sure, I hope they invite me to the final episode, kind of politely and noncommittally — but I guess being that he didn’t threaten to eat Chuck Lorre’s babies or whatever, that’s as much as a confirmation as you’re going to get out of him.

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