Charlie Sheen Gets A Lesbian Daughter On One Show, And A New Love Interest On Another

Because the Earth revolves around Charlie Sheen, let’s frame these casting decisions in relation to him. First up, and most disappointingly, Amber Tamblyn — the lovely wife of David Cross, as well as the star of Joan of Arcadia — has signed on as the potential new lead on Two and a Half Men, replacing wackjob Angus T. Jones, who is exploring his religious side these days and will only have a part-time role on Two and a Half Men. Tamblyn will actually play the long-lost lesbian daughter of Charlie Sheen’s character, which is great news because television doesn’t have nearly enough lesbian stereotypes already! Tamblyn is booked for five episodes with an option to be a series regular.

This is disappointing only insomuch as I would expect more from the wife of David Cross, although hey! Remember that time that Patton Oswalt called David Cross a sell-out for doing the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, then David Cross defended himself, then Patton Oswalt had to remind everyone, including David Cross, that it was all just a joke?

That has nothing to do with this, but it’s more interesting.

In other Charlie Sheen news, after he called Selma Blair the C-word and fired her, the folks behind Anger Management had to go out and find someone to replace Blair, since there are something like 50 episodes left in the 100-episode run. It looks like they have landed Laura Bell Bundy, the Tony Award-nominated star of the Legally Blonde musical. She looks like this:

Are those the most flattering images I could find? No. But they were the most fun. According to the NYTimes via press release, Bundy will play Dr. Jordan Denby, the “new sex-study research partner” of Mr. Sheen’s character. Ms. Bundy’s role is further described as “a brilliant psychologist whose recent divorce, fondness for alcohol and wild mood swings turn Charlie’s life into an emotional roller coaster.”

Now, can we just merge the two shows into one, and film them on top of an active volcano.