Check Out The Original ‘Dexter’ Opening Title Sequence Deemed ‘Too Dark’ By Showtime

I had no idea there was even an earlier edit of the Dexter title sequence out there, and I gotta say that, save for the particular choice of font, I really dig it. I also understand why Showtime might have considered it “too dark”: it’s heavier, moodier, and more sinister. Some of the same images that we see in the existing credit sequence are used, but it’s edited far differently, in such a way that it’s more difficult to think of the title character as sympathetic. Eric Anderson — the creative designer behind the title sequence — said that the pitch for the title sequence was to “recontextualize normal everyday things in a sinister way.” The image above — of the stubble — is the image that essentially landed Anderson and his company the gig.

You can read an in-depth piece on the construction of the title sequence, plus its influences, right here. In the meantime, check out the wickedly excellent first draft below. It is bad ass.

(Hat Tip: Unreality)