Check Out ‘The Walking Dead’ With An Intro Right Out Of The ’80s

Redoing the opening sequence to current popular TV programs in the style of an ’80s/’90s show is all the rage on the interwebs. Take for example The Walking Dead, which has already had several of these remakes, including a 90’s comedy spoof à la Full House.

In the most recent of these The Walking Dead redos, our favorite post-apocalyptic zombie killers get a little Steven Bochco treatment that looks straight out of 1985. The opening credits come complete with cheesy graphics for the title and cast, and the god awful theme music from The Neverending Story playing throughout.

It might be high time for someone to finally give the show an A-Team style intro. Scott Wilson would make one hell of a Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith.

Source: Reddit, Youtube

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