Chris Elliott Will Guest Star On ‘Community’ As Greendale’s Eccentric, Scandal-Plagued Founder

12.05.13 9 Comments

Jesus. At this point it’s almost easier to list off all the beloved actors and comedians who aren’t making guest appearances during the upcoming season of Community. I’ll start: Bill Murray, Jason Statham… that’s all I got.

Eagleheart star Chris Elliott will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Community. The veteran comedic actor (Get A Life, There’s Something About Mary) assumes the role of Russell Borchert, the quirky founder of Greendale Community College who went missing many years ago after a bizarre sex scandal. His episode will likely air in May. [EW]

This is great news. Chris Elliott is great. Community is looking great, or at least appears to have a great plan. Eagleheart is great. Everything is great.

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