The Hilarious Story Behind The Time Chris Farley Stuck His Ass Out A Window At ‘SNL’ And Took A Dump

07.16.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

There’s a lot of crazy stories that have come out of Saturday Night Live, and a quite a few of them involve Chris Farley. This one may be the craziest. We have mentioned on this site a couple of times that Tom Shales’ Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live references the fact that SNL legend Chris Farley once stuck his ass out the window of 30 Rock and took a sh*t, but I’ve never heard that entire story until now. “Sticking his ass out the window and taking a sh*t” is far from the full story, and it’s not even factually accurate because the turd he dropped didn’t actually make it out the window.

It landed on the windowsill. And that’s where it got really weird.

I stumbled upon Jay Mohr’s retelling of that legendary story on YouTube this morning, and it’s a doozy. It kicks off at 3:30 in this video. However, to give it some context, the writers — including Jay Mohr and Dave Atell, who shared an office — had been awake for around 48 hours straight. They were loopy as hell, and had just spent three hours arguing about what to name a high school in one of their sketches. It’s in this atmosphere that Chris Farley walked in.

The rest is legend.

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