Chris Hemsworth And Conan Team Up To Diss Thor’s ‘Stumpy Mallet’

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11.08.13 8 Comments

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Chris Hemsworth brought the Marvel promotion juggernaut to ‘Conan’ to promote ‘Thor: The Dark World’ and may have inadvertently angered numerous fan boys in the process by dissing Thor’s magical hammer.

“It’s kinda ridiculous isn’t it…I’ll have the really large hammer head with the short stumpy shaft thing.”

And to think I was sold on you playing one of my favorite heroes, you turncoat!

It was literally just the other day that I watched Stan Lee talk about Thor’s trusty hammer and how it gives him all of these powers, including flight. And I was sold, thinking to myself about how amazing it is, the damage it can do and am I too old to buy one at the store.

Now all I can think about is a “short stumpy shaft.” So congrats on the movie, Hemsworth. I hope it fails. You’ve lost me forever! Where’s my message board!?


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