Chris Hemsworth Hasn’t Watched Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMA Performance Because He’s Smart

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09.09.13 17 Comments

Miley with her tongue

Perhaps the strangest part of this whole Miley Cyrus twerkin’ round the world transformation from Disney’s Hannah Montana to a female hip hop icon is the fact that she’s been dating and/or engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth since 2009, with several breaks along the way. And I don’t mean it’s strange because he’s such a plain, straight-laced, vanilla actor who looks like he’s embarrassed by curse words, as much as it’s strange because he’s still putting up with being associated with her.

Hell, even Chris Hemsworth is being dragged into this nonsense, as he was asked by E!’s Marc Malkin at the Toronto International Film Festival if he had watched Miley’s now infamous MTV Video Music Awards performance with Robin Thicke, and his response was much more subtle and understated than I would have expected.

“I haven’t seen it,” Hemsworth told me earlier today while promoting his new Ron Howard-directed drama Rush at the Toronto Film Festival.

He really hasn’t seen Cyrus’ twerk-filled act with the now infamous foam finger and the too-close-for-comfort Robin Thicke gyrations?

“I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago, then Jakarta, then Hong Kong [and] Toronto now,” Hemsworth explained. “The breaks I get, they’re with my family. There’s not much surfing the ‘net at the moment.” (Via E!)

Other appropriate responses would have included, “Who? Never heard of her” and this:

Hulk and Thor

Except, you know, the opposite. Also, this is my favorite magazine headline of the year:

Can they twerk it out

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