‘The Other Two’ Creators Chris Kelly And Sarah Schneider Tell Us How ‘Stink’ Came To Be

Jon Pack/Comedy Central

In the sixth episode of Comedy Central’s freshman series The Other Two — “Chase Shoots a Music Video” — 13-year-old viral singing sensation ChaseDreams makes a music video. The single is “Stink,” a song about dancing until you stink, featuring lyrics like “Ain’t a party ‘til you reek” and “My pits smell wrong / My neck smells wrong / My whole body smells wrong.” It’s all highly upsetting, which actually means it’s pretty perfect. But apparently, the song was originally supposed to be called “Drip”… only to be changed once a rival musician’s — Cardi B — single of the same name dropping the day before shooting for this episode began.

Uproxx spoke with the creators of The Other Two, Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, about the song change, as well as the rest of the episode — from the latest stage in Chase’s career to the “surreal” Patrick Wilson guest spot to the reveal of a pretty big Dubek family secret. Spoilers ahead for “Chase Shoots a Music Video.”

Just real quick: With the season two renewal, is there any chance of you guys selling any promotional Lance shoes? Because I too would love to sound like a dollar.

Chris: I know. He wants them to take off but I’m positive they won’t.

Comedy Central could either sell that or the “real” Dolphin Dreams book by Pat Dubek.

Chris: Oh yeah, we really should have written that for real. Seven, six pages. It would have been easy.

For this week’s episode, before ChaseDreams’ new single ended up being “Stink,” it was originally supposed to be “Drip.” What were the key differences when you had to change it from “dance until you a drip” to “dance until you stink”? Or was it a completely different song altogether?