Chris Rock And Dave Chappelle Took Turns Dragging Will Smith During A London Stand-Up Show

Will Chris Rock ever forgive Will Smith? If so, it won’t be any time soon. The comic has started to crack jokes about getting the crap slapped out of him on live television by someone who won an Oscar shortly thereafter, and he doesn’t appear ready to feel conciliatory. Instead, he’s been punchy, even declaring that he has no interest in returning to the show, this time as a host. (If he changes his mind, it will be his third time with the gig.) But at a recent stand-up show, Rock wasn’t the only one to drag Smith.

As per Deadline, Dave Chappelle has joined Rock on a European tour, where they split stand-up duties, one after the other. Rock reportedly only dedicated a small section of his set to the notorious attack, but he focused on one part of the aftermath: the video Smith released in July, in which he offered a full and earnest apology.

Alas, Rock wasn’t having it. Instead he said, “f*ck your hostage video.” He also admitted that “that sh*t hurt,” saying, “He played Ali. I can’t even play Floyd Mayweather.” Later he referred to Smith as “Suge Smith,” alluding to the infamous former Death Row Records producers, who’s in the midst of a 28-year prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Chappelle had his own on-stage attack. In May, a man stormed the stage during a show in Los Angeles, beating him briefly before being detained by security. “That was some scary sh*t,” Chappelle told the crowd. But he also earmarked some space at the end of his set to reference his stage mate’s incident, telling them to be themselves, unlike Smith, who he said “did an impression of a perfect man for 30 years.” He added, “I just hope he doesn’t put that mask back on.”

It’s not great news for Smith’s attempted comeback. After laying low and traveling to India, Smith late last month made a little, goofy, self-deprecating joke about his anxiety about getting “back on social.” He might have to wait a bit longer before he’s finally welcomed back.

(Via Deadline)