Chrissy Teigen Takes Modeling About As Seriously As It Deserves To Be Taken

Chrissy Teigen is quite possibly the Internet’s favorite model, non-Kate Upton Division, because she seems to take her career in stride. Which is to say, she’s willing to make fun of how stupid modeling is. During last last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, Teigen explained how often she gets in trouble on social media (HINT: if you’re a spokesperson for a razor company, don’t tweet about how much you hate razors) before summing up her entire goofy profession: “I get a good amount of money to not blink for 12 hours.” So modeling is like that one Doctor Who episode? Good to know!

Also, good on Teigen for calling out Brian Williams’ BS Twitter account. I don’t care how much you love butts — tweet at least once, dammit. You’re not Beyoncé.