Christina Applegate Tells Leno About How She Learned To Play The Clash On Mandolin For ‘Anchorman 2’

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12.19.13 4 Comments

christina applegate leno

The endless publicity tour for Anchorman 2 is finally winding down, a contradiction of a statement that still feels accurate. Is there a TV show or magazine Will Ferrell & Co. haven’t appeared on over the past three-to-four months? I’m pretty sure I even saw Baxter on a special episode of Dog with a Blog. Last night, Christina Applegate dropped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, not to plead for Up All Night to rise from the diaper-y ashes, but to discuss how she learned how to play the Clash’s “Police and Thieves” on mandolin for Anchorman 2.

Of course the scene was tragically cut, but I’m sure it’ll be available as a special feature on the DVD, the marketing for which should begin in about five minutes.

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