CNN Interviewed Cliven Bundy And Asked Him How It Feels To Be Thrown Under The Bus By Fox News

As you may know, Sean Hannity kicked Cliven Bundy to the curb yesterday after he revealed himself to be a guy likely to have worn a white sheet and point-y hat at some point in his life. Since Fox News no longer wants to have anything to do with him, CNN had the old coot on and asked him how it felt to be “abandoned” by his friends at Fox. Bundy responded in the clip above by saying that he’s just “misunderstood” by Sean Hannity and the others over there who suddenly aren’t calling him to be on their shows. Yeah, okay. Additionally, CNN’s Bill Weir referred to Bundy as a “welfare queen in a cowboy hat.” I thought that was funny, not to mention appropriate. Bundy went on to defend his comments on race, saying, “I don’t think I’m wrong. I think I’m right.”

And then this morning Bundy was interviewed by Chris Cuomo on New Day and he doubled down on what he believes is his right; having his cattle graze on federally protected land for free.

“I’ll be damned if this is the property of the United States. They have no business here,” Bundy said. “This is a sovereign state, the sovereign state of Nevada. The federal government has nothing to do with public land in Nevada.”

And about his comments on race, Bundy added that if people are offended by them then Martin Luther King was a failure, or something: “If I say Negro or black boy or slave, if those people cannot take those kind of words and not be (offended), then Martin Luther King hasn’t got his job done yet.”

Someone who loves Cliven Bundy should tell him it’s time to shut up.

(Via Mediaite)