Cobie Smulders Looked Back On The Revealing 'How I Met Your Mother' Series Finale With David Letterman

Yes, they shot this in the fantasy world where 6 PM is really 11:30 PM, but it isn’t like Cobie Smulders didn’t know what happened on the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. More like How I Never Grew As A Human Being starring Ted Mosby and his poorly edited kids.

That’s all going off of the previous HIMYM article by the way. I didn’t watch the finale, but I do watch these late night clips and it’s all bleeding together. I half expect Agent Coulson to come swinging in at this point to fend off some maple syrup based Alien before the cliffhanger ending.

I have to give Carter Bays and Craig Thomas some credit for the finale they provided Ted and the gang. They supposedly concocted what you saw earlier tonight over nine seasons ago in the pilot. Either that’s the freshest, purest bullsh*t you can find or they’re better the guys from Lost and Twin Peaks combined. Either way, can’t wait for How I Met Your Dad!

(Via The Late Show)