A ‘Cobra Kai’ Creator Addressed The Confusing News Of A ‘The Karate Kid’ Movie Coming In 2024

(Spoilers for The Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai will be found below.)

The Cobra Kai audience knows that only a few weeks have passed since the Season 5 release on Netflix. Still, they’d really like to know if Season 6 will get the green light. And I gotta say, I can’t really tell what the intent was with that finale. Obviously, ultimate karate villain Terry Silver’s arc is all wrapped up, and Johnny Lawrence got a happy ending (he’ll be a dad again), as did several other characters. Yet there’s still Kreese out there on the streets and straight out of prison (possibly headed towards Hawk?), so we’ll see if the powers that be decide to leaving things open-ended or do the damn good thing and give us more.

Netflix is going through some things, to say the very least, and they’re not rushing out too many renewal announcements at all, but with a juggernaut like this one, the investment should pay off. Also, Ralph Macchio made it known that he’s into the idea of expanding the Cobra Kai arm of the universe with more movies, and that announcement hasn’t happened yet, either. However, Sony Pictures did announce that a The Karate Kid movie is on the horizon. Expect to see it in 2024, and details are slight, but Cobra Kai co-creator Jon Hurwitz addressed the matter. In short, it’s a mystery to him, too.

“The guys and I would love to make Karate Kid and Cobra Kai movies and hope to someday,” Hurwitz tweeted. “But this one isn’t from us or focused on the Cobra Kai cast. Don’t know much about it, but wish it well.”

Hmm. That’s an odd one, especially considering that everyone who matters in The Karate Kid universe is also now part of the Cobra Kai cast, if even only for a breeze-thru like Elisabeth Shue’s Ali. Recently, Hilary Swank did dodge questions about whether she’ll ever do the Cobra Kai thing, but would Sony really want to revisit her role in a movie? That doesn’t sound likely, but hey, maybe Thomas Ian Griffith could get that Terry Silver romcom after all. One can dream!

(Via Deadline)