Ralph Macchio Is All For A ‘Karate Kid Cinematic Universe’ And Has Ideas On Where He’d Like ‘Cobra Kai’ To Go After Season 5

Cobra Kai‘s fifth season will arrive next week, and we’ll get to see (even more) former foes teaming up to take out karate mega-villain Terry Silver. He somehow manages to be much worse than John Kreese (who has shown that he has a soft spot, at least where Tory Nichols is concerned) because Terry’s got zero inkling of a soul. And from there, we’ll see if Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, and Chozen (who needs no further introduction) can save the soul of the valley. That might be difficult, considering that Silver’s recruited several new senseis to help spread his slime.

What will happen after Season 5, though? Macchio and Zabka recently sat down with Comic Book to discuss where The Karate Kid is going as a franchise, and Macchio made it known that he is all for a full-on “cinematic universe,” so to speak. Via Comic Book, Macchio declared, “The thing that’s been created, there’s kind of this Karate Kid Cinematic Universe now where Cobra Kai is, you know, at the center of that and when that day does come in for a landing, there are other areas to draw from.”

What are those other prospects? Macchio hypothesized on the possibility of “a Miyagi origin story” or spinoffs about the various younger Cobra Kai characters, along with some sort of Cobra Kai prequel movie that occurs immediately before The Karate Kid. From there, the sky is the limit, and I have a few things that I wouldn’t mind seeing, including more about what Elisabeth Shue’s character has been doing for all these years (which would obviously not be karate focused, but that story’s wide open because Shue has been having a moment) or Jacob Bertrand’s Hawk opening his own dojo.

As far as a Season 6 goes, Macchio doesn’t drop news of a renewal yet, but Netflix likely will want to take the Cobra Kai train as long as possible.

Cobra Kai returns on September 9.

(Via Comic Book)