Stephen Colbert Is Pissed That Google Is Going To Censor YouTube Comments

As anyone who’s spent any amount of time on the web knows, YouTube comments are pretty much a cesspool of stupidity, ignorance and insanity, so much so that they’ve been immortalized in web series’ and by Nickelback. Google is now trying to change that by censoring comments. Ever the defender of the 1st Amendment, Stephen Colbert is pissed that anyone would try to censor “one of America’s bastions of intellectual freedom.”

“Nation, this is an unprecedented attack on free speech,” Colbert said on his show last night. “YouTube comments are the freest speech there is. Free from punctuation, free from spelling, apparently free from medication…RON PAUL 2012.”

So he’s asking viewers to sign a petition against Google’s censorship move and to paste the comment below on every YouTube page…

This has potential for greatness, I think. Enjoy…