Colin Jost Was A Contestant On ‘The Weakest Link’ In 2002

It’s no Aaron Paul losing his sh*t on The Price Is Right, but back in 2002, when he was a junior at Harvard, SNL head writer/Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost was a contestant on The Weakest Link. You remember The Weakest Link, right? It’s the show with the catchphrase that bored cubicle-dwellers named Frank used to incessantly quote before Borat came out. Anyway, Jost was on it and — 12-YEAR-OLD SPOILER — he won.

Throughout the course of the competition, host George Gray referred to Jost repeatedly as “Harvard man” and “genius boy from Harvard.”

Jost said he thought this could work against him and make fellow contestants more likely to vote against him.

“I also expected to get voted off immediately,” Jost said. “I was able to counterbalance that by being a bad contestant.” (Via)

Jost was hired to write for SNL only three years later. No word on what happened to Martine, the woman he beat, but don’t feel too bad for her — at least she’s not the one uploading dozens of old Weakest Link episodes to YouTube. Probably.

Via the Harvard Crimson