'Community' Has A Return Date! Sort Of!

…in Canada. Ugh, our neighbors to the north really are the pizza burn on the roof of America’s mouth.

Still on hiatus at NBC, it looks like Community will be coming back on the air in Canada before we get new episodes in the States. Canadian TV station Citytv announced that the fourth season of Community will debut on Friday, November 9th. (Via)

If “Citytv” sounds familiar, that’s because there’s a good chance you’ve downloaded a torrent ripped from one of their broadcasts before, for when you just need to watch an entire season of Girlfriends at 2 a.m. But even though NBC hasn’t announced the show’s return date in the United States yet, at least Community fans aren’t tech-savvy and all over the Internet, and certainly won’t illegally watch the new episodes online, leading to potentially lower ratings for when NBC decides to dust the series off its increasingly creaky comedy shelf.

Nope, no chance that’ll happen.

UPDATE: according to the AV Club:

No sooner had this story begun circulating than Citytv, sensing our troops amassing beneath them, moved the date to January 11. You just bought yourself a little time, Canada. But unless NBC makes a move soon, you’re still on notice. (Via)

Did Citytv think that we wouldn’t be aware of the show’s return date? So much drama for such a small show.

(Via Splitsider)