‘Community’ Is Doing An All-Puppet Episode

After brainstorming ways to get viewers back on their side — “Should we do an episode where Alison Brie is naked the entire time?” “Don’t think the FCC would be cool with that, those tightwads.” “Well, how about one where Chevy Chase is brutally murdered on-screen?” “Again, the whole FCC thing.” “OK, OK, I got it: HEROIN, everyone shoots heroin…” “JESUS TERRY, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FCC IS?” — the writers of Community have settled on their most fan-friendly concept since last season’s video game episode: puppets.

An all-puppet episode featuring extensive use of the performers in puppet form will air in April and include a cameo from Jason Alexander (though not as a puppet). As the panel closed, the cast mates brought out their puppet lookalikes to revel in the moment…Earlier, new show runners David Guarascio and Moses Port focused on this Thursday’s episode that finds the introduction of James Brolin in a recurring role as the long-estranged father of star Joel McHale’s character, Jeff Winger. The installment also features Fred Willard in a cameo, and he was also present during a table read that opened the panel. (Via)

Many live-action shows have briefly employed the use of puppets (30 Rock, with Kenneth; MST3K, with Joel’s freaky catfish creature), but few have dared to challenge us to look within ourselves and ask the age-old question: is it weird to find a puppet attractive? I mean, the Dean’s felt head is BEGGING to be touched.

Anyway, here’s a clip from TV’s best puppet-heavy episode, “Smile Time.”

(Via Deadline)