Colin Farrell Is Upset That Conan Showed Off His ‘Gear’ At The Korean Spa Without Him

Like all sensible people, Colin Farrell would like to hang out with Conan O’Brien in the nude. It seems like a lovely way to spend a day, but when Farrell discovered the late night host hit up the spa without him, he couldn’t help but feel a little betrayed. (Granted, when you have a chance to head to a Korean spa in the buff with Steven Yeun, you’ve gotta go for the gusto with that, too.)

This very important issue came up on last night’s edition of Conan where Farrell was making the rounds as part of his The Lobster promo hustle. Farrell, who comes across like a savvy spa and bathhouse attendee, shared that he was disappointed he didn’t get to see Conan’s “gear” at such an outing. The In Bruges star says he’s got an interest in dong analysis, albeit more from a curiosity standpoint.

“That’s why I wanted to bring you, yeah. I have a twisted, but fully heterosexual fascination with the large members of our male society, and the small members of our male society, and how they may be genitally represented. I wanted to have a look at your gear, man.”

So if you ever catch Colin Farrell looking at your dong and writing down his findings in a Moleskine notebook, please understand that the thespian is trying to piece together a better understanding of the male anatomy. It’s a cheery, funny and member-minded interview worthy of your fascination, and we have it tucked above for your viewing pleasure.