Conan Creeps On The Locals And Memorizes Some Spanish In These Previews For ‘Conan In Cuba’

If you’re a fan of Conan O’Brien, you’re probably getting comfortable to watch his Conan In Cuba special episode. If you needed another reason to check out his historic visit to the island nation, these preview clips have you covered. It isn’t some normal episode where he attempts to joke around with guests or perform silly sketches for his studio audience. This is Conan in the wild, interacting with the normal folks, making enemies with a bunch of dogs, and creeping on the local ladies.

The entire special seems to be a nice mix of information on the country and the silliness of a Conan remote segment. He isn’t changing much of his attitude to adjust to the nations customs, especially when it comes to trolling the help. It definitely looks like something to check out, if not tonight then in the future.

(Via Team Coco)